MICHEL A. DI IORIO, Professional Wordsmith (Copywriter/Translator) and Managing Editor of The Write Words and LA COULISSE Magazine.

MICHEL A. DI IORIO, Commissioner for oaths for the province of Québec, and outside of Québec

SERVICES OFFERED by a COMMISSIONER for OATHS, and by appointment only.

If required by law, a person must be sworn in before signing a document in the context of an approach to any department or agency.

This person must file an affidavit before a Commissioner of Oaths and sign the document in his presence. This paper confers the formality of an official nature, which is considered valid in Quebec courts.

In my capacity of Public Writer and Commissioner of Oaths, I can prepare your legal documents and affidavits for purposes of formalization.


  • Affidavit
  • Power of Attorney
  • Diplomas and Certificates
  • Insurance Claims
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Collections, Seizures
  • Labour Contracts
  • Separation
  • Legal Investigation
  • Marriage
  • Offense
  • Succession
  • Letter of Invitation
  • Fiscal, Penal Witness
  • Travel Permit for Child
  • Bank Loan
  • Any other document when required by law or regulation

Some people may be appointed as Commissioner for Oaths by the Minister of Justice. They may administer oaths throughout the province of Quebec, across Canada, and even in another country, if his commission so allows.

Depending on the case, these individuals wear the title of « Commissioner for Oaths for Quebec » or « Commissioner for Oaths for Quebec and outside of Quebec ». The following people, in consideration of their duties, are also qualified to act as a Commissioner of Oaths :

  • lawyers and notaries;
  • court clerks and their deputies;
  • justice of the peace;
  • mayors,
  • clerks and secretary-treasurers of any town or city, limited to within the limits of their respective town or city;
  • the secretary general, assistant secretary general and and the Assistant Secretaries of the National Assembly.

Powers and restrictions

A Commissioner for Oaths may :

  • administer oaths in Québec (and outside of Québec, if authorized) for a procedure or a document intended for Québec only;
  • require a maximum fee of $5 for each oath.

A Commissioner for Oaths can not :

  • administer oaths of their immediate family members (father, mother, brothers and sisters, spouse, children);
  • certify documents or attest that a copy of a document is in accordance to the original.

A Commissioner for Oaths is not appointed to perform such a function. The only power that the law grants him or her is to administer oaths to individuals in the cases where an oath is required or permitted by law. Under these circumstances, he or she may, at most, administer an oath to a person who presents him or her a copy of a document and who declares that it is in accordance to the original document. However, this declaration would not have the effect of giving a true value to this copy, because the depositary of an original document has this power only (for example, the notary for the notarial will, the registrar of civil status for a birth certificate).


MICHEL A. DI IORIO, Public Writer and Translator
Commissioner for Oaths mandated by the Ministry of Justice of Québec
For Quebec and outside of Quebec
(514) 994-0967
Commissioner for Oaths Service, with offices located in Deux-Montagnes, QC.
We administer oaths everywhere in the province of Quebec.
By appointment only!


  • The charge of administering an oath is only 5 $ per oath administered, but a $35 appointment fee applies, no matter how many, or how few documents need to be treated :

If preferred, we can administer oaths in the comfort of your home or other location in consideration of the additional fee as outlined hereunder, depending on your location : 

  • Saint-Jerome = 60 $ for the house call.
  • North Shore Area (Rosemere, Sainte Thérèse de Blainville, Boisbriand, Saint-Eustache, Deux-Montagnes, Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, Saint-Joseph, Oka) 40 $ for the house call
  • Laval = 50 $ for the house call
  • Montreal = 75 $ for the house call.
  • Scheduled appointments in your home after 4 P.M. are subject to an additional charge of $ 30.

As an example, if you request an appointment to be sworn in for one document at my home office in Deux-Montagnes, you will be charged $ 40, or $ 45 for two documents (appointment fee of $ 35 + $ 5 per document).

If you live in Laval and you request a home visit, you will be charged $ 90 for one document or $ 95 for two documents (appointment fee of $ 35 + $ 50 home appointment fee + $ 5 per document treated).

For other areas, please call our offices for pricing (515.994.0967).


The only responsibility of a Commissioner for Oaths is to administer oaths. He or she is not obliged to verify the content of the declaration. In fact, it is to the person swearing an oath to know the content of the document that he or she sworn in.

On the other hand, Commissioners for Oaths may refuse to administer an oath for some reasons.

Here are the main reasons for a refusal :

  • the document is not prepared in the required form;
  • the document contains glaring errors, vulgar or unreasonable assertions;
  • the person swearing an oath is not able to express his or her will.

Even if the document is already signed by the declarant, the Commissioner for Oaths must insist that the declarant sign the document in his presence, since the Commissioner must attest that he has personally received the declarant’s signature and oath.

If the Commissioner is guilty of irregularities in the performance of his duties, the court may decide that the oath is invalid.

Please contact our office for further information.