Introducing our resumé service – The doorway to a better job…

Our mission is to open the door for you to an interesting and rewarding job that adequately meets or exceeds your career goals, whether you are just starting out in the labour force, or are an experienced worker.

Having your employment documents professionally prepared ensures that you will have a clear, concise, fluent, forceful and convincing resumé to submit to a recruiter searching for an ideal candidate. It will be up to you to convince her/him that you are that rare individual by accepting his job offer.

Here is how will help to get you noticed :

We’ll write and/or translate your job search documents with the help of three useful tools:

  1. The information provided by your answers to the CVsimple questionnaire;
  2. The job offer itself, or a copy of the add to which you are responding;
  3. The coveted job you’ve identified to us.

We’ll use The Write Words (pun intended) to present you with your best foot forward to the recruiter through an informative and error-free resumé (CV), and a compelling accompanying presentation letter.

The CVsimple procedure :

  1. Conclude your purchase/order to confirm your choice of product. Within minutes of receiving your order, a link will be emailed to your specified email address.
  2. To provide us with the requested information related to the preparation of your chosen product, you’ll need to click on the link provided in your welcome email to access the questionnaire that will be used to prepare your documents.
  3. Once your documents have been completed, you will be notified of their availability by return email to the address specified in your questionnaire.

All other questions should be submitted by dropping us a line by clicking HERE, or by calling us at 514.994.0967. We will do our very best to address whatever concerns you might have.

Thank you for shopping for your professionally prepared employment documents at our boutique, the doorway to a better job!