T. Szombathelyi (HUN), 1979       (FRA)             C. Minelli (ITA), 1990       (URS)                F. Török Germany (GER), West Germany (FDR) and East Germany (DDR) are, therefore, also noted as different nations as are Czech Pesaro                 GBR, 2001       An asterisk indicates an HOST                     GOLD                                  SILVER 0          97, 7. Stockholm: Wahlström & Widstrand.CS1 maint: extra text: authors list (link) (EUN), Seoul            J. Martinek (HUN)      C. Massullo Rome                    HUN, 1952       (UKR)           O. Fakhry (EGY), 2005       (EUN), 1988       breakthrough team this year, showing great versatility in winning the women's team and taking bronze medals in the men's team and relay and the women's relay. 2008 Olympic Champion, Lena Schoneborn (GER) returned to great form to take the Women's Individual title and the men won the relay. Sydney                 E. Fjellerup (DEN)              C. Delemer    Berlin                L.Schoneborn (GER)              Q. Chen (CHN)           POL          58             108        BUL         0             (POL)                    I. Kiseleva chart separates nations according to the accepted Olympic abbreviation. London                Q. Chen (CHN)                 L. Asadauskaite (LTU)   World Men's Number 1, Woongtae Jun opted for being Asian Champion Berlin                   BLR, 2003       Mexico City      P. Lednev (URS)     T. Kancsal (HUN)              J. (HUN)                   G. Harland (GBR), 2001       (GBR)          Athens, 2004    Krungolcas Guatemala       M. Dziadura (POL)                V. Tereshuk       0           3, 30. Linköping           E. Fjellerup Top scorers were the host country, Russia, with 9 points, followed by France (7), Hungary (6) and Germany (5). (HUN)                S. Deleigne (ITA)              Budapest, 2003    Sabirkhouzine (RUS)    Harland Lahti                     G. Tiberti (FIN)              V. Korhonen Valentin Belaud                             Pesaro                 A. Zadneprovskis (LTU)    G. Balogh Pesaro                 POL, 1996       (GER), 2001       Jönköping          P. Lednev (URS)     J. Peciak Crystal Palace  A. Marosi (HUN)   D. Svoboda (CZE)         D. Kirpulyansky (HUN)                 A. Tarasov Republic (CZE) and Czechoslovakia (TCH). (ITA)                   V. Yagorashvili (SWE)                H. Kahl (URS), Los Angeles   D. Masala (ITA)             S. Rasmuson (SWE)           C. Massullo (ITA), Moscow        A. Starostin (URS)         T. Szombathelyi (HUN)        P. Lednev HOST                     TEAM, 2012       (POL)                   N. Glenesk (USA), 1977       SWE)                    G. Runö (HUN)                           R. Beck Sydney         D. Svatkovsky (RUS)    G. Balogh (HUN)                  P. Dovgal (UKR), Budapest          I. Frolov (RUS)       D. Svoboda (CZE)            I. Lapo (SWE)                  B. Uggla (SWE)      M. Michalik (CZE), 2002       (SWE), 1950       Adams-Ray, Edward (trans.). ROM         2                 0       Berlin                   USA*, 1924       Paris                     SWE*, 2017     The close proximity of the Asian Games in Jakarta to the World Championships in Mexico put Korea and China unfairly in the shade. (LTU), Warsaw              Z. Qian (CHN)          A. Turkin Notable absentees among the championship medals were Asaduskaite (LTU) and Lesun (RUS). Rome                       M. Spence (GBR)             country, Germany, won 6 points.       0           2, 32. Lahti                     URS, 1982       (FRA) was a popular return to Men's Champion and the Mexican women winning the relay was another breakthrough to join an already strong Mexican men's set up in that country.