Paint fumes aren’t that harmful but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to help yourself when painting. In any case you can get an organic vapors mask, such as those used for HVLP automotive spray painting, to protect yourself from cancer and so on. Natalie. Paint comes in a variety of different types such as water-based, latex, acrylic, oil-based, solvent-based, and even zero VOC paint, which can all have different effects on the environment. A wide variety of acrylic paint fumes options are available to you, Paint fumes can make you feel sick, and being exposed to them for prolonged periods of time can cause serious health problems, such as liver or kidney damage, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Paint cans may release chemicals gases or fumes even if they’re closed, and so a basement or closet full of old paint cans is bad news. Dunno where acrylic stands. Both latex paint and acrylic paint are made with acrylic polymers and water-based solvents. The fumes are caused by VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, found in the paint. It really is a huge quantity of plasticizer fumes and quite dangerous. Source(s): I'm sure thermosets still give off some fumes and aren't totally safe. In this article we are going to discuss the hidden dangers of paint fumes, how the paint fumes impact the environment and the health of those exposed, and how to properly mitigate and remove paint smell … I can smell the paint, but don't feel any irritation whatsoever. I have the same thing going on. In Part I of Avoiding Paint Fumes I cover general info on paint, the chemicals released into your air when you paint, the VOC levels in paint and why low and zero VOC paint, although less toxic, are not non toxic. The chemicals in paint vary from company to company, but mostly the only real danger is the paint fumes that come off the paint after painting. Paint's made up of four different types of … 0 0. The EPA also warns against storing paint in your home. The only difference between the two is the type of binders used for the polymer microparticles. Acrylic Paint Fumes. 7 years ago. Latex paint is non-flammable. The Parts Of Paint. My room is a good one thanks god ! offers 803 acrylic paint fumes products.