The Horde (formerly)The Rebellion Scorpia couldn't be anything other than an ESFJ. Played by She has angular features, such as a pointed chin, straight nose and slanted almond-shaped, hetero-chromatic eyes in the shades pale yellow (Left) and turquoise (Right). ISTPs will relate to Entrapta's action-oriented personality and her willingness to follow her own path regardless of whether or not others might disagree with it. At the same time, Catra very obviously wanted to succeed herself instead of losing to Adora. Adora (girlfriend) It is implied that Catra is jealous of Adora; Shadow Weaver even admits that the only reason she kept Catra was that she was friends with Adora, and Shadow Weaver never wanted Catra to be a captain in the first place. Catlike instinctsStrength and agility Catra rose in the Horde ranks after that. After Hordak concludes that Catra was defective, Catra becomes even more jealous of Entrapta, and shows hostility towards her. Since she was a child, Catra was often victim to psychological and possibly physical abuse from the sorceress; an example of this is when Catra and Adora wandered into the room with the Black Garnet as children and were caught by Shadow Weaver. While his friendships with the other members of the alliance help to show off that he's just as enterprising and strategically skilled as any princess. Affiliation She is physically superior to a normal human, able to hold her own against She-Ra. She takes Adora's rank of Force Captain, and quickly gains both the support and approval of Lord Hordak. They ultimately became sidekicks in the attack on Bright Moon to weaken all the other Runestones. After Entrapta attempts to stop the portal from being used, Catra shocks her with a weapon and sentences her to banishment on beast island, which means certain death. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Which Romance Anime Should You Watch Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type? Sage Miller is a freelance Canadian writer and voice actor who's work has been published in several short story anthologies for horror. Catra attempts to cover her mistake, she ends up being subjected to Hordak's gravity generation device after she failed to confess. The longer Catra goes without Adora's influence, the more her dominant traits overpower her. Initially characterized by her desire to remain independent and isolated, like any INFP, as the princess alliance got to know her better, they found Frosta to be creative, idealistic, loyal, and deeply caring. She had to constantly remind Scorpia of her personal boundaries and reminders about what not to do to irritate her. She excels as the ruler of her kingdom and actively seeks out a neutral role in the war until the Horde provokes her to action. Catra is a fairly teasing, lazy, irritable, cynical, disrespectful, impulsive and provocative person. She is, however, pragmatic to a fault and her lackluster efforts to maintain the fight against the Horde following her husband's alleged demise led to them gaining ground. One of Catra's biggest flaws is that of her need to be accepted. Catra is a member of the The Horde and grew up with Adora. As she grew older, Catra maintained a very aloof, almost delinquent-like persona. Despite seeming like a bit of an airhead to an outsider, anybody who knows an ESFJ can tell you just how helpful and organized of a person they are. Present AJ Michalka. At first, Catra felt deeply betrayed when Adora defected to join the Rebellion, but she soon realizes that being out of Adora’s shadow gives her the opportunity to climb the ranks in the Horde. Which The Loud House Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign. Force Captain (The Horde)Wildcat (Scorpia)Kitten (Double Trouble)Little Sister (Horde Prime)Horde Scum (Glimmer) Despite this, Catra and Adora grew to have an extremely close bond. RELATED: Which Romance Anime Should You Watch Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type? Catra and Scropia made plans to stay together and rule the Crimson Waste, but after her confrontation with Adora, Catra became cold and threw away her relationship with Scorpia. After her daughter restarted the alliance however, she slowly warmed up to the idea of taking a more active role. Because Shadow Weaver openly voiced her disdain of Catra’s performances to try and please her, and also made it clear that Adora was her favorite. She was raised alongside Adora, which is why her betrayal wounds Catra so much. A skilled negotiator, fighter, and following the death of her mother, the leader of the princess alliance. Catra lived most of her life competing against Adora, trying to prove herself as better than second best. ISFPs often know what course of action will help to nurture those they care about even if those they care about don't yet know it themselves. Catra is indeed a complex character who is a blend of multiple personality types. No matter who you are, there's a character that looks, thinks, loves, or acts like you to be found among the princess of power's retinue. She starts to lose this later on in Season 2. Female Like any ENTJ his greatest talent is in his ability to plan for the long term and identify the talent of those around him while putting them to their best use. Though he might seem quite harmless. For as long as she can remember, Catra has longed to be free, and wishes to see the world and know what dwells beyond the Fright Zone's borders. Teachers. RELATED: Which My Hero Academia Character Are You Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Type? To Catra, Adora's betrayal of the Horde was essentially a way to tell her that, not only would Catra always be in her shadow, she didn't even care. Alias(es) Shadow Weaver may be a sinister and cruel character, but she also displays many of the best traits of an INTP (albeit using those best traits for the worst things.). She cares for people, especially Adora. Teen Titans vs. Young Justice: Which Is The Better Show? She also excels as a problem solver, almost always able to help her allies in hashing out their differences as a talented negotiator. Here are some of the best examples from She-Ra. As an ENFP, Wrong Hordak loves learning new things and expressing himself creatively through his actions or his appearance. He's boisterous, spontaneous, friendly, and filled with enthusiasm for life. Catra is a fairly teasing, lazy, irritable, cynical, disrespectful, impulsive and provocative girl. A boundless source of energy and optimism, She-Ra's loyal steed Swift Wind is a typical ESFP. Catra and Adora grew up together in the Horde and once shared a powerful bond. However, Adora served as the chain that brought out the good side of Catra.