Mr. Bennett's forensic auditing work in the professional sports industry has been the subject of numerous articles published in major news publications including; USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Sports Business Journal and the Wall Street Journal. Stunningly illustrated with photographs by Richard Crompton, the poems also feature in a short BBC film. Watts DJ, Addison GE, Bennett CL, Weiland JL. ), Postcolonialism + Art Where Now?, edn. He discovered, with Gilles Brassard 889. Healing is a central theme, and the collection takes the form of a river-journey past a series of destinations. 73-113 , Academic Press, 1975 Molecular dynamics calculation of the isotope effect for vacancy diffusion Alluring and mysterious, the collection assumes the haunting quality of a fairy tale. Charles Bennett, who leads the Creative Writing BA at Northampton University, has collaborated with musicians, photographers and artists, and was the first Director of the Ledbury Poetry Festival. Twelve brief poems (one for each month) reflect seasonal changes and events during the course of a year. Charles H. Bennett Diffusion in Solids: Recent Developments (AS Nowick and JJ Burton Eds.) Evenlode (2013) Recent news IBM, Yorktown, USA, Gilles Brassard. It’s crammed with curious characters – a snowdrop girl, cursed princess and a woman in a tank of scorpions. PMID 32255818 DOI: 10.3847/1538-4357/ab5fd5 : 1: 2020: Kable JA, Addison GE, Bennett CL. Oversteps publications. There’s the boy who became a table, the Missing Link and the lonely mermaid. IX. With the River Evenlode as a bright thread which runs fluidly through the writing, this collection looks back to the work in. Charles Bennett’s first collection, is published by Headland. Mr. Bennett's forensic auditing work in the professional sports industry has been the subject of numerous articles published in major news publications including; USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Sports Business Journal and the Wall Street Journal. As might be expected from the title, there’s a magical dimension to these poems, with water as a dominant theme. Thermodynamics of error correction: Speed-error-dissipation tradeoff in copying, Universal quantum data compression via nondestructive tomography, Publicity, Privacy, and Permanence of Information, Quantum Cryptography: Principles and Prospects (Quantumkryptographie: Prinzipien und Ausblick), Inequalities and separations among assisted capacities of quantum channels, A resource-based view of quantum information, A Quantum Information Science and Technology Roadmap, On the capacities of bipartite Hamiltonians and unitary gates, Improvements to time bracketed authentication, Quantum Information: Qubits and Quantum Error Correction, The thermodynamics of computation� a review (reprint of 1982 article), Notes on Landauer's principle, reversible computation, and Maxwell's Demon, Optimal simulation of two-qubit Hamiltonians using general local operations, Trust enhancement by multiple random beacons, Entanglement-assisted capacity of a quantum channel and the reverse Shannon theorem, Exact and asymptotic measures of multipartite pure-state entanglement, Notes on the history of reversible computation, Entanglement-assisted classical capacity of noisy quantum channels, FUTURE DIRECTIONS FOR QUANTUM INFORMATION THEORY, Strengths and weaknesses of quantum computing, Entanglement-enhanced classical communication on a noisy quantum channel, Mixed-state entanglement and quantum error correction, Concentrating partial entanglement by local operations, Purification of noisy entanglement and faithful teleportation via noisy channels, Universal computation and physical dynamics, Comment on" Second-Order Dynamics in the Collective Temporal Evolution of Complex Systems", Reduction of quantum entropy by reversible extraction of classical information, Thermodynamics of computation and information distance, Dissipation, information, computational complexity and the definition of organization, Temporally periodic phases and kinetic roughening, Teleporting an unknown quantum state via dual classical and Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen channels, Quantum cryptography: Uncertainty in the service of privacy, Logical Depth and Other Algorithmically Defined Properties of Finite Objects, Cellular Automation Simulation of Polymers, Communication via one-and two-particle operators on Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen states, Quantum cryptography without Bell’s theorem, Dissipation, anisotropy, and the stabilization of computationally complex states of homogeneous media, Stability of temporally periodic states of classical many-body systems, Time/space trade-offs for reversible computation, Experimental quantum cryptography: the dawn of a new era for quantum cryptography: the experimental prototype is working, Quantum public key distribution reinvented, On the nature and origin of complexity in discrete, homogeneous, locally-interacting systems, The fundamental physical limits of computation, Role of irreversibility in stabilizing complex and nonergodic behavior in locally interacting discrete systems, Quantum cryptography: Public key distribution and coin tossing, Quantum cryptography, or unforgeable subway tokens, Kinematics of the forced and overdamped Sine-Gordon soliton gas, Relative to a Random Oracle A, P(A) is not equal to NP(A) is not equal to co-NP(A), With Probability 1, Molecular dynamics and transition state theory: the simulation of infrequent events, Efficient estimation of free energy differences from Monte Carlo data, Molecular dynamics calculation of the isotope effect for vacancy diffusion, Serially deposited amorphous aggregates of hard spheres, Role of composition in metallic glass formation, The Properties of a Ferrocene-Tetracyanoethylene Charge-Transfer Complex, Quantum Foundations of a Classical Universe Conference, ThinkQ 2015 - Challenges and applications for medium size quantum computers. Available to buy directly from Charles Bennett at £10 per copy, including P+P. Along with his team at the Medication Safety and Efficacy Center, he is studying ways to make drug information more consumer-friendly and creating new training tools for healthcare providers. Sample poem: Salthouse. Charles Alpheus Bennett was born on a farm near Holden, Massachusetts on March 28, 1864, and died at his home in Peoria, Illinois on June 17, 1942, in his seventy-ninth year. The Angry Planet is the latest collaboration between award-winning poet Charles Bennett and composer/conductor Bob Chilcott. Available to buy from Headland Publications. Can closed timelike curves or nonlinear quantum mechanics improve quantum state discrimination or help solve hard problems?