When you are looking for premier quality and wide plank hardwood flooring, European Oak will most likely come to mind. Oak is a timeless classic. It is referred to as Eurocut, Center Cut, Live Sawn or even French Cut Oak, and it offers tremendous opportunities for our A&D clients to specify something out of the norm, yet often stay within budget. Using the Baltic Birch plywood substrate, this is a very stable and durable floor that will last for a lifetime. The engineered material comes standard at 5/8” thick with a substantial 4 mm wear layer, or 3/4” thick with a full 6 mm wear layer for a truly superior product. The finest “French Oak” actually comes from the Spessart forest in Germany, a forest that has been carefully managed for three hundred years and should be used as the model for worldwide sustainable hardwood management. Don’t forget that you are making a true investment in the finest wood that will provide you and your loved ones pleasure for many years to come. Boardwalk Hardwood Floor is a hardwood flooring supplier that sells prefinished hardwood flooring, unfinished hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, cork, leather, hand scraped and wire brushed flooring. European Oak is remarkably strong and durable wood, with the benefits of oak planed timber from Timbersource being prized for numerous uses, including furniture building, heavy or light construction, and flooring. Not at all. In Europe, in places such as Great Britain, France, or. This is a forest in which trees will only be harvested when they are fully mature, a process for White Oak that … The engineered European White Oak is milled with precision and comes in either 3/4″ with a 6mm or 5/8″ with a 4mm wear layer. Although you may have decided on oak flooring for your home because of its well-known strength and hardness, you may be wavering between American and European oak flooring. Takes glue, nails and screws well, except near to edges, when the timber should be pre-bored. The engineered European White Oak is brought in unfinished and then textured and finished to the specifications of each order. European Oak, Finished with Neutral Oil, Prime, Engineered European White Oak, custom color, Mix of Prime and Rustic European White Oak. European White Oak is a hard and heavy wood with medium strength properties. Using the Baltic Birch plywood substrate, this is a very stable and durable floor that will last for a lifetime. European Oak is part of the oak and beech family. Curiously, it is also one of the most common trees found in parks in south-east Australia. While this does limit the options available in  a true custom made floor (widths, lengths, etc), the custom finish will truly be unique. Our Oak is of the very highest quality and is reputed to the best in Europe. In Europe, in places such as Great Britain, France, or Germany, the relatively mild weather allows these trees to grow strong and lend themselves well to achieving the right finish, achieving a balance between durability and good looks. Being resistant to fungal and insect issues has made it a favorite wood throughout different periods of human history. Installing European oak is not more challenging than installing any other wood flooring. Our main products are European White Oak, Beech, Ash. That’s what we aim to do. This way they become easier to care for. For more specific details on the services that we offer, visit our service page. With over thirty years’ experience in installing the finest wood flooring in Los Angeles, Pacific Hardwood Flooring will make your floors reflect your impeccable taste. When you are ready to improve the look of your home and are considering adding European oak to the final result, the first thing you should do is to make sure you are dealing with a supplier that truly knows this wood, someone who understands the growth patterns and timing that will produce the highest-grade European oak wood. Imagine a blank canvas ready to be transformed to a great work of art. Go for a team of true professionals that will have the right level of skill and patience to expertly handle every board and know how to make even the most complicated cuts to fit every corner and nook. When you order European Oak Timber planed timber cut-to-size using our simple cutting calculator tool to the right, you'll receive a product which has been tailor-made to your exact … San Vicente 800 Fairfield 221 19th Street 1029 Hanover, 521 Canon Drive Nike The Grove Nike Santa Monica Promenade Nike Fashion Island Newport Beach. in England it has become a national symbol, American oak tends to grow shorter and thicker than European oak, European oak generally has a more interesting grain formation, while American oak tends to grow in straight patterns, European oak has a more even color tone, while American oak tends to show greater contrast between lighter and darker shades, By having a greater tannin concentration and less sap, European oak allows stains to absorb more consistently, European oak also reacts better to reactive stain and aging processes, When it comes to color, European oak tends to have a more uniform gray color while North American ones display more yellow and pink undertones. FRENCH OAK / SPESSART OAK / EUROPEAN OAK EXOTIC WOOD. When true European Oak covers your floors, you know you have the highest quality wood available. Some American mills have recognized the popularity of the European Oak and are now supplying us with lumber and flooring that they cut in the same manner as the European method. ©2020 Pacific Hardwood Flooring | All Rights Reserved | Designed by, The region where oak grows can have an impact not only on the way it looks but in its overall quality. Oak has worked very well through history when used for shipbuilding, wine aging and drum making, among other uses. Machining is well, nailing and screwing properties are good, but pre-boring is necessary. This means that you can rest assured you will not be making a decorating mistake or an error in style when you use it in your most beloved spaces. One more reason to select European oak for your home is the fact that it can be created to match any design project’s goals.