5 String Bass ghost Loaded Hipshot A Style Bridge (Please select finish) Regular price Price: $275.95 USD. I installed it on my Fender 5-string Jazz Bass (MIM) and it completely transformed the instrument! After 10 days, I got it! The tone I have now is very "piano" like and bright. These bridges feature variable string spacing via an adjustment on the string saddles, and through body string option for even … Love this thing. Sale price ... 4 String Bass Ghost Loaded Hipshot A Style Bridge (Please select finish) Regular price Price: $230.95 USD. However the bridge is very well made and adds a lot of sustain and mass. I purchased and installed a brass bridge to replace the original Hipshot aluminum bridge. It took a little time to figure out how exactly to set the tonation but after that was done I haven't had to touch it since. I had to 0.750 (19mm). https://hipshotproducts.com/products/5-string-a-style-bass-bridge Need a minimalist bridge for your through body build or a sl Easy to set up as well. You are the best. For the MIM J5, the factory holes are completely hidden under the bridge. Click here for an important COVID-19 Update: Available in five string spacings from .656” (16.5mm) to .822” (21mm), Innovative Micro-Adjust saddle design allows for an additional 1.5mm of side-to-side adjustment for even greater string spacing possibilities, CNC machined from solid brass for a thick and punchy low end or aircraft grade aluminum for airy and brilliant highs, Accommodates both string-thru body and top load bridge designs, Quick load slots make string changes easy and prevent damage to your bass, Available in durable chrome, black, and gold finishes, For a direct Fender® retrofit, we recommend the. Volume Pot Cable Assembly. Sale price $230.95 USD Sale. Which is exactly what I'm looking for and found. I'm a fan. Narrow, fast neck with a little extra space. Info@Hipshot.com, I needed a string through bridge for a custom design with an integrated full body ramp. I've had in on my flagship bass (an Ibanez GSR-205) for well over a year of gigging nearly every weekend. Another advantage of the services offered on the choice of material is aluminum or brass, spacing. This bridge delivered in spades! 607-532-9404 With the brass, I got more clarity, crystalline bell like top end and overtones. It was almost like installing new strings. The only downside to this bridge is that the saddle only moves a very short distance. I put this bridge on a 5 string Jazz bass I refinished and its the best purchase I could have made. It’s up to you to find what suits your tastes. I wrote to the Hipshot, and I was told no problem, you will have such a bridge! If this one feature would be done, than the bridge would be more than perfect! I love the mass of this bridge and coupled with the string through I can play a note walk away for a while and come back and it would still be ringing out. Details: Retrofit your Fender 4 Hole Mount Pattern.This bridge utilizes four mounting holes. This can make setting intonation a pain. Description At first blush, the KickAss™ might seem like a simple, heartfelt tribute to Leo Quan’s BadAssII®. Thank Hipshot! • 5 stars! Simply put.......the best. $115.12. This bridge gets a 10 in my book! I bought this bass used; the original bridge was off-center and warped. Set the depth on your drill so the bit only goes in about 3/4 of the length of the screw. Hipshot 5 String A Style Fendermount3 Bass Bridge. Strangely, the satin finish on the bridge and the satin finish of the O-ring knobs do not match when you look closely. My friend guitar builder D. Poznysh does for me 5 string bass. Always top quality with Hipshot. The strings weren't centered on the neck. SKU: 5B500AC-750. P.S. Free shipping on domestic orders over $50 USD! This is the best looking and functioning bass bridge design I have come across, that's why is comes standard on Labyrinth Guitarworks basses! He recommended hardware from Hipshot. String spacing is .708 inches string to string. Perfect! We worked hard to ensure that the … bass guitar, fan-fret, bass bridge, B-bender, guitar bridge, tremolo, bass machine heads, bass tuners, multi-scale, tuners, bridges, headless, vibrato, hardware Free shipping on domestic orders over $50 USD! Hipshot A style bridge, lollipop tuners and double stop Dtuner. As start-up bass builder I'm only using the Hipshot bridge on all my basses. Workmanship is excellent. Side note, if you're upgrading a GSR like mine, the .708 string spacing is a bit wider than that bass originally comes with, but it fits on the fretboard just fine, and I actually very much prefer it. I also noticed that with these cheaper basses, the pickup cavities are routered wrong so that the strings won't up with the magnetic pole pieces...but at least the bridge is correct now.