All that cloudy stuff you see in your extra virgin olive oil is actually a sign of its strength and ability to protect you. Key Point: A variety of studies show that extra virgin olive oil is among the best cooking oils. Extra virgin olive oil can really help people who are trying to lose weight. Extra virgin olive oil is a key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. But don't toss out that high-priced bottle of extra-virgin oil just yet. The Nutrients In Extra Virgin Olive Oil . In a study featuring 20 participants, eating a breakfast fried with extra virgin olive oil led to lower levels of postprandial oxidative stress compared to either canola or sunflower oil . This is because it helps you feel fuller and contains healthy fats that can stimulate weight loss.. It is highly resistant to heat and not damageable by heat up to 180 Degree Celsius temperature. However, it should be consumed in moderation as it can have a laxative effect. Extra Virgin Olive oil is nutritious and healthy. When used in moderation, it has many positive effects on the health of your heart. It is rich in a good amount of fatty acids and Vitamins E & K. The major portion of the fat contained in this oil is monounsaturated fat. Dozens of other investigations, after all, have found important health benefits associated with olive oil. Whenever possible, choose extra-virgin olive oil for salads and even for cooking.