Verb . my name is Nina, I'm from Austria and I also lived for one year and a half in Canada. As an irregular, strong verb with ablaut -ie- the preterite stem lief- is used. If you want to improve your Russian, English or German or start learning them you will definitely like my lessons. I am a native German speaker and am teaching English and German as foreign languages. I am a German native speaker who loves languages and am passionate about teaching others. Danke schön nochmal :). ge + fahr + en . If my student is a beginner, I'm gonna start with the basics of the German language. She always knows how to explain the German grammar rules to make them clear and easier to remember. I carry out different kinds of lessons: I could help you for example to prepare for a test, for your trip to Italy or for more advanced needs.​. The conjugation of the verb gehen is irregular. Take online language lessons with a professional teacher. Highly recommended. Exercise: Choose the correct German modal preposition, Exercise: Find the correct German modal preposition, Exercise: Find the German causal prepositions, German prepositions requiring the genitive, Exercise for German prepositions with genitive, Exercise for building the German dative case. My interest in learning foreign languages has arisen since I was a young girl. This site provides total 25 English word for laufen. It was very interesting lesson with Nina. Hello everyone and a big warm welcome to all the fellow language learners. I feel more confident and speak German more freely. Arrange a trial lesson.Proficient handling of everyday German, leading to various certificates (Goethe Certificates, DaF etc. Exercise for prepositions with dative and accusative! If somebody is already advanced, I focus on communication and pronunciation. Basic forms are geht, ging and ist gegangen. Very nice experience! The simple conjugated verbs in the present, past tense, imperative and subjunctive of laufen ... Summary of all verb tenses for laufen. Imperfect of the verb laufen. ]|strong verb: kommen–kam–gekommen|In the 3 rd person plural, we add en. We will arrange on a topic and talk and discuss in the lesson about it. I have a Master’s degree in linguistics which taught me to understand the way the mechanism of a language works and thus to help my students see the logics behind the grammar rules. I love my job and always seek to make it as much fun as possible. Moreover, I like to cover practical topics that can be used in your everyday life and make classes as diverse and dynamic as possible. Concerning materials I like to use a course book and in addition worksheets, audios, videos, etc. I have already gained more than 300 hours of experience in adult education through internships. Precise teacher, very clear in the explanations, easy to follow, very helpful and patient even with those who start from scratch like me. If you are in Frau Mahon's class, please log in for credit: I am studying DaF (German as a foreign language) as a subsidiary subject at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. I am learning Medical German with Belinda. Match the German adverbs to the sentences! Anywhere. I offer a short free trial class, for us to give each other a smile and discuss our teaching pattern, in order to ajust it to your goals and make our lessons the bee's knees :) See you soon! Both in English and in German, I teach classes for beginners and advanced students. Irregular conjugation for the verb "laufen" and its compounds: stem vowel mutation (umlaut) in singular form of the second and third person in Present tense ("du läufst"). The preterite endings -st, -en, -t, -en are appended to this stem. She was correcting my sentences and was typing them for me, so I can come back to them again and repeat and remember them. I've had students of all ages, from pre-school kids to senior generation, and I feel comfortable working with both beginners and those who are eager to take their learning process to a new level. Choose the correct conjugation of the auxiliary verb "haben"! 1.1.1. Exercise: Determine the type of attributive clause! Find a teacher in your area or take Skype lessons. Verb gehen can be used reflexivly.The flection is in Active and the use as Main. My classes are developed for each student according to their level, interests and needs. I also teach English for beginners and advanced beginners. I also take great pleasure in my SWISS-GERMAN courses! Exercise: Which German reflexive pronoun is needed? The lesson was perfectly geared to my needs. There is a vowel change in the stem of Present tense ("ich laufe"), the stem of Preterite ("ich lief") and the stem of Past Participle ("gelaufen"). Imperfect of the verb laufen. In 2007 I graduated from pedagogical university and since that time I work as a teacher. Determine the form of use of these German adjectives! If you’re a Russian-learner, I’d be glad to prove it to you that you can absolutely nail my mother-tongue - and yes, you’ll be able to make a small talk in Russian by the end of the first class even if you’re an absolute beginner! By using a verb in the past tense, you express an action that took place in the past. My name's Eleonora. From Middle High German loufen, from Old High German hloufan, loufan, from Proto-Germanic *hlaupaną. I’ve always been addicted to learning foreign languages, be it English, German, Spanish, Turkish or Arabic, so turning my passion into my job was just a matter of time. Fill in the correct article of the German nouns, Sentence structure of main clauses in German, Exercise of rewriting German main clauses. Learn how to conjugate verlaufen in various tenses. Fill in the correct definite and indefinite article! The fact that I’m not a native speaker of English or German means I’ve been through exactly the same language-learning journey you’re about to take, and thanks to my personal experience as a student, I can make this road smooth for you. I recommend her to anyone who wants to take and pass their exams and improve their German skills. The auxiliary verb of gehen is sein. Clear online presentation of the verb 'laufen' including all verb forms. My teaching methodes are totally based on the level of my student. vielen Dank Nina! Her teaching method adapted perfectly to my needs and requirements. The topics and exercises are following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), because of that they include grammar, speaking and reading exercises. In addition to my teaching, I offer interactive links with exercises that are perfectly adapted to the topic. We focus on my communication skills and medical terminology. For the weekend it's the best to just send me a request. Exercise: Find the fitting relative pronoun! Match the right German word to the sentences, Gender of German nouns (substantives) - der, die, das, Flashcard game on the German feminine nouns, Exercise about plurals with mutated vowels, Exercise about adjectives and verbs as nouns in German, German personal pronouns exercise (nominative), Exercise of personal pronouns (case sensitive), Exercise on the German possessive pronouns, Execise of der, die, das as demonstrative pronoun, Exercise of German interrogative pronouns, Exercise of interrogative pronouns (declension), Exercise of the Declension of interrogative pronouns. French is my language of choice, I studied it and I have been teaching French courses with great enthusiasm for one year now. Also called "irregular strong," these verbs have a vowel change in the simple past and a past participle ending in -en.. (transitive or intransitive) to walk; to jog; to run (to move on foot; either at a normal or an increased speed) 1.1.