“Love thy neighbor as thyself,” Christ said. It seems that to love thy neighbor whole-heartedly, one must love thyself whole-heartedly. I see God as a benevolent male. These 10 heartwarming stories will inspire you to love your neighbor as yourself today! I think you have to love thy neighbor as thyself. I always say 'him' rather than 'her.' Officer Ryan Holets is a father of four from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Without selflove, it is a tricky task to try and love others.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Being Bold: Quotes, Poetry, & … Maybe it's because of my generation, but I don't like the idea of a female God. Julia Child I hate organized religion. When, therefore, it is said, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself," it is not meant, thou shalt love him first and do him good in consequence of that love, but, thou shalt do good to thy neighbor; and this thy beneficence will engender in thee that love to mankind which is the fulness and consummation of the inclination to do good. “Being kind to the stranger, is far more religious than listening and preaching "love thy neighbor" - lending a hand to a person stuck in misery to deliver some peace in their life, is far more holy, than repeating a thousand times "peace be upon Mohammed".” ― Abhijit Naskar, Aşkanjali: The Sufi Sermon I think you have to pick your own God and be true to him. This police officer who adopted the baby of a drug addict AND didn’t give up on her sobriety. 1. Neither more than nor less than, but as thyself. Votes: 2. While out on patrol in September of 2017, Ryan came across a woman named Crystal Champ, and her companion Tom.