He’s safe for these three hours. Later Prospero conjures a magical masque for Prospero and Miranda. Miranda enters the scene where she finds Ferdinand where he proclaims that Miranda’s love, the cause for which he is performing labour, is easing his task. He is happy in humble labours, blinded by love. There is a metatheatrical strand to this: as with so many episodes in The Tempest, we feel that Ferdinand and Miranda are actors playing the parts that Prospero has assigned them. Ferdinand is the prince of Naples and the son of Alonso, the King of Naples, in Shakespeare's play, The Tempest.He falls in love with Miranda.He is quick to promise the title of queen and wife to Miranda even though he doesn't know her name. Miranda’s words open the play’s second scene, and with them she makes a plea to her father to calm the violent tempest he has roused. The Tempest, Act 4, Scene 1 by Joseph Wright. She tells him, despite her father’s best wishes. She urges Ferdinand not to work too hard and offers her help, which he refuses before asking for her name. Pray now, rest yourself. Miranda continues her naivety toward her father as she encourages Ferdinand to stop working, falsely telling him, “My father Is hard at study. ” The audience can see Prospero watching and listening to them from a distance, although Miranda and Ferdinand think they are completely alone. Boydell's Collection of Prints illustrating Shakespeare's works. From her very first lines, Miranda identifies herself as an empathetic figure, a mediator who wants to calm tensions and make peace. La Tempête (The Tempest) est une pièce de théâtre en cinq actes écrite par William Shakespeare vers 1610-1611.C'est l'une des dernières pièces du dramaturge.. Le duc de Milan, Prospero, après avoir été déchu et exilé par son frère, se retrouve avec sa fille Miranda sur une île déserte. The encounter between Miranda and Ferdinand in lines 450-499 of The Tempest is presented using three characters, Miranda, Ferdinand, and Prospero.