Have a typical “owl” round head with large yellow eyes, and their legs are long, thin and bare. Habitat: Burrowing owls live in open un-forested places, so they can burrow themselves into a hole. =]<333 OR if you know where to find an article about that... That would help me too! Identified Threats. Six species of owls are critically endangered and seven species are endangered according to the IUCN. Predators: Most burrowing owls get killed by being on the roads, and great horned owls are a … An endangered species in Minnesota, the burrowing owl is rarely seen in this state due to the loss of pasture and short mixed-grass prairie habits. The burrowing owl has been reintroduced in British Columbia. from migration. Again, the reason for the decreasing numbers in Burrowing Owls is mainly because of human destruction. Following 14 years of unsuccessful efforts by the California Burrowing Owl Consortium to protect rapidly declining populations in urbanizing areas, the Center and allies petitioned in 2003 to protect the California population of the owl under the California Endangered Species Act. Please help me!!! Conservation status of the Florida burrowing owl is improved to a point that the species can be removed from Florida’s Endangered and Threatened Species list and will not again need to be listed. Standing about 20 cm tall and weighing 150 grams, the burrowing owl is slightly larger than a robin. As of December 2013, burrowing owls in the United States are currently not protected by the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (ESA). Or how you can help protects them, and if they are, why people are killing them. The ESA is regulated by the US Fish and Wildlife Service with cooperation from the National Marines Fisheries Service. Conservation Notes. True to its name, the burrowing owl nests underground in burrows. Loss of native habitat and the resulting dependence on altered habitat. These owls are also on the endangered list as there are fewer then 1,000 pairs left in Canada. Are Burrowing Owls Endangered? In other parts of the country, its numbers seem to also be declining. Im doing a report on Burrowing Owls and can't quite find exactly why they are endangered. Burrowing owls are listed as Endangered under the Species at Risk Act. -2010 report - naturesask.ca In 2010, Operation Burrowing Owl participants reported 58 pairs of owls .....This is a 29% decrease from the 82 pairs reported by participants in 2009. hugzndkissez<333333 Lack of protected habitat, even for rural burrowing owls. Burrowing owls are rarely seen in the clinic. How they are Endangered: They are mostly endangered because of poisoning and pesticides, roadkill also. -British Columbia - In the spring of 2010, 23 burrowing owls returned to B.C. It is weak. Let me make this clear; 1,000 pairs is not a strong number. Owls In Danger: The Most Threatened Species Of Owls Living Today ... prey on insects have seen numbers drop after consuming insects sprayed with insecticide and is most evident in the burrowing owl.