They are as follows: By going through the population of the state from the time frame of 2014-18, you can notice an increase of about 0.0904 Million in the previous 5 years. Oklahoma is a constitutional republic with a government modeled after the Federal government of the United States, with executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Twenty-five Native American languages are spoken in Oklahoma.[30]. [72] The area, already occupied by Osage and Quapaw tribes, was called for the Choctaw Nation until revised Native American and then later American policy redefined the boundaries to include other Native Americans. Those who tried to beat the noon starting gun were called “Sooners,†hence the state's nickname. Large national pow wows, various Latin and Asian heritage festivals, and cultural festivals such as the Juneteenth celebrations are held in Oklahoma City each year. [177] The plan was part of an ambitious goal that in fifty years would have at least 80% of their people fluent. Home → America → USA. Other Plays such as the Eagle Ford are geological rather than geographical. Democrats are strongest in the eastern part of the state and Little Dixie, as well as the most heavily African American and inner parts of Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Tribal governments are recognized by the United States as quasi-sovereign entities with executive, judicial, and legislative powers over tribal members and functions, but are subject to the authority of the United States Congress to revoke or withhold certain powers. [142], In mid-2011, Oklahoma had a civilian labor force of 1.7 million and non-farm employment fluctuated around 1.5 million. [76], In the period between 1866 and 1899,[68] cattle ranches in Texas strove to meet the demands for food in eastern cities and railroads in Kansas promised to deliver in a timely manner. [44] Most of the state lies in two primary drainage basins belonging to the Red and Arkansas rivers, though the Lee and Little rivers also contain significant drainage basins.[45]. Student Population at Oklahoma State University-Main Campus. The oil field "Sooner Trend", Anadarko basin and the counties of Kingfisher and Canadian make up the basis for the "Oklahoma STACK". [60], The humid subtropical climate (Koppen Cfa) of central, southern and eastern Oklahoma is influenced heavily by southerly winds bringing moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. OG&E was the first electric company in Oklahoma to generate electricity from wind farms in 2003. [207], The Egyptian art collection at the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art in Shawnee is considered to be the finest Egyptian collection between Chicago and Los Angeles. This is 32.7% below the national average of 5,763,868 people. The New York Times rates the Tulsa Ballet as one of the top ballet companies in the United States. [102] Most people from Oklahoma who self-identify as having American ancestry are of overwhelmingly English and Scots-Irish ancestry with significant amounts of Scottish and Welsh inflection as well. [69] In the 18th century, Kiowa, Apache, and Comanche entered the region from the west and Quapaw and Osage peoples moved into what is now eastern Oklahoma. [53] The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is the oldest and largest of nine National Wildlife Refuges in the state[54] and was founded in 1901, encompassing 59,020 acres (238.8 km2). [109], Under Oklahoma law, municipalities are divided into two categories: cities, defined as having more than 1,000 residents, and towns, with under 1,000 residents. [100], As of 2005[update] Oklahoma's estimated ancestral makeup was 14.5% German, 13.1% American, 11.8% Irish, 9.6% English, 8.1% African American, and 11.4% Native American (including 7.9% Cherokee)[101] though the percentage of people claiming American Indian as their only race was 8.1%. At Oklahoma State University - Main Campus, the disparity between men and women on campus is far lower than the national average. Tulsa competes in FBS football and other sports in the American Athletic Conference,[229] while Oral Roberts, which does not sponsor football,[230] is a member of the Summit League. As of 2011[update], 47.3% of Oklahoma's population younger than age 1 were minorities, meaning they had at least one parent who was not non-Hispanic white. QuickFacts Oklahoma. State of Oklahoma with population statistics, maps, charts, weather and web information. The politician Edward P. McCabe encouraged Black settlers to come to what was then Indian Territory. [154], According to Forbes magazine, Oklahoma City-based Devon Energy Corporation, Chesapeake Energy Corporation, and SandRidge Energy Corporation are the largest private oil-related companies in the nation,[155] and all Oklahoma's Fortune 500 companies are energy-related. Oklahoma is in the nation's middle percentile in per capita spending on the arts, ranking 17th, and contains more than 300 museums. Ten years later in 2019, 53.5 % of electricity was produced from natural gas and 34.6 % from wind power[150]. However, only Cherokee, if any, exhibits some language vitality at present. The Oklahoma City bombing of April 19, 1995, in which Timothy McVeigh detonated a large, crude explosive device outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, killed 168 people, including 19 children. Ranking 13th for total energy consumption per capita in 2009,[151] the state's energy costs were eighth-lowest in the nation.