Flowering Oregano tops from the garden are great with chicken. Blue Fish with Oranges and Oregano Flowers (1) 11 Blue Fish with Oranges and Oregano Flowers in Cartoccio (1) 12 days ago. In America, it is the flavor that many associate with pizza and pasta sauces. How Was the Roasted Garlic, Oregano Flower and Sea Salt Focaccia Recipe? Fresh oregano tastes so different than the dried oregano in shakers in pizza shops. Truly just add some fresh or dried oregano to your favorite bread recipe or give these a try: Oregano & Chive Blossom Corn Muffins; Herbed Wheat Dinner Rolls ; Compound Butter. Some forms of this herb happen to be particularly potent, so consider the following dos and don’ts of using it to get the best results. Compound butter is simply butter that has been mixed with herbs that can be used to slather on toast, rub on meats, mixed in with vegetables, and more. Oregano is a familiar herb that is easy to find. Oregano recipes A pungent green herb with a great affinity for a variety of foods, from lamb to vegetables, stuffings and egg dishes. Having both cooked and raw flowers and oregano added a lot of depth of flavor. And so easy too. Not much food has grown in our garden this year, but we’ve had some success with oregano despite or because of some oak seedlings (which during a time of little rain, shaded the oregano at … Fresh Oregano Pesto Is So Easy. So I have been on the hunt for oregano recipes using fresh oregano for the past couple of weeks, when I had a little bit of an 'a-ha moment' and decided to use it up like I did my excess fennel, and whip up a fun pesto. The only thing I would change would be to add more sea salt. Oregano is closely related to marjoram. Oregano has a long history in Southern Europe and shows up in numerous savory dishes from that part of the world. 4 recipes. We cut down a whole trees worth of oregano and got to pesto testing. It was yummy. Oregano flowers Recipes by ingredients. The roasted garlic was sweet, the oregano flowers were mild and the fresh oregano was delightful. Here's why we love it and how to incorporate it into your cooking. Well let me tell you, it was delicious! www.mymysticmama.com/homemade-oil-of-oregano-and-tincture-recipes Oregano's robust and woody taste makes a great addition to lots of dishes, especially those with meats and fresh vegetables, when it is added fresh or dried It pairs well with traditional Greek and Italian foods, but that doesn't mean you have to stop there!