My grandmother came off the boat from Poland and our favorite thing for her to make was a version of this. We are gluten free and dairy free and I made it with gf pasta, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and vegan butter! If the pasta gets too sticky, thin it with a little more milk. Whisking often to make sure flour lumps are smooth, bring … You’re welcome. She about kicked me when I bought a friend home for dinner. I’d be inclined to do 1/3 of the recipe and then have leftovers the next day. We will be keeping plenty of noodles around for this. Would have been even better with the Pecorino Romano. I’m intrigued by the addition of ketchup The recipe is from my aunt, who learned it from her mother, a native of Italy. Thanks for sharing. Wow…that’s awesome. Put the drained pasta back into the cooking pot. I’m so glad. Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best ones! I wonder what type of cheese you used. While stirring, add the bacon with all its cooking juices, and add the egg mix. Thanks so much for your sharing. I wanted to make delicious pasta carbonara with ingredients on hand...I created this recipe after many trials and errors. My husband does. I’m so glad your family liked it the way mine does! This looks really good actually! It’s hard for me to say why it didn’t go over so well. Awesome…and yes to add ins! Hope your little one is better soon. Thanks for sharing, brings back fond memories! Thank you so much for sharing this! What a lucky find! Yummm…, I love hearing that story Derek. This is such a good basic pasta. Heat the pasta water. Hope for parents far and wide. I think I’m having it for breakfast this morning. I made this tonight and it was as easy, and as tasty as described. I never cook. I knew the kids would love it, but I thought my husband might consider it kind of bland, Not a chance! I think it’s more delicious with bacon, mushroom,cheddar cheese and white sauce. I know it will turn out yummy. Thank you to your mom and your nana!!! Make sure to turn off the heat before you put the egg in the pan! Copyright © Cookpad Inc. All Rights Reserved. Refrigerate the sauce in a covered container within two hours after cooking. Sounds like a great addition. Used almond milk instead of milk and oil instead of butter. Turn the heat to low, add the milk/egg mixture and butter, and stir just until the milk thickens and coats the noodles, a minute or so. We did not use milk, just butter…lots of it as we had two milking cows and quite a few goats but I never heard of it being made with milk. Looks like a great recipe, I’m just wondering if it’s any good if refrigerated and reheated later? When the milk boils, tear the cheese and put into the pan. The whole thing gets done in the same vessel used to cook the spaghetti, the heat of pot and pasta effectively cooking the egg onto the noodles. It’s the meal we ate when I was a girl visiting cousins whose house was always alive with children, pets, noise, and the smell of something good happening at the stove. I did add some spinach to get some veggies in. I will be making this soon! Even though I buy loads of recipe books and love reading recipes. In a measuring cup or medium mixing bowl, whisk together the eggs, egg yolks, grated cheese, plus a few twists of freshly-cracked black pepper until combined. Carbonara sauce is an indulgent egg-based sauce that can be made quickly in less than 20 minutes and is not fixed by a specific type of hard cheese or pasta. It was delicious!! To prevent the sauce from curdling, stir well while reheating. I googled spaghetti,eggs and cheese recipe, your recipe came up. So good! . I’m so glad your little one is a fan. I do think if you work quickly and put it right back into the hot pot, the egg cooks. eggs. My childhood neighbor made this growing up and I’ve always wanted to recreate it. We had no spaghetti on-hand but used good quality egg noodles. That said, I think your aglio olio e peperoncino sounds delicious too! Thank you so much for posting! Or maybe pasta. Didn’t add cheese. Blessings! 5 ingredients and 15 minutes will get you this crowd- and kid-pleasing dinner. A crowd-pleaser and kid-pleaser, it’s essentially spaghetti carbonara’s pork-free cousin. I’d completely forgotten this recipe and that’s all I’ve got in the fridge, so my husband is in for a really lovely treat after a heavy meat week! I came across this recipe and your amazing blog only because my 3yr old refused to eat her eggs this morning! Perfect! Thank you for sharing! How would I make this for just 1 person? I will be making this tonight and I sense it will get devoured. It’s one of our favorites and so easy to pull together. Delicious, simple to make and very satisfying – just what I need on a cool autumn day here in the beautiful Blue Mountains in Australia. That is such a lovely memory and I appreciate you taking the time to share. Bummer about the tomatoes…you’ll just have to get creative . Keep the pot on the medium heat stove for 1-2 minutes. (o o). Wow….I feel very energised, I did it. With 80 g of pasta what would the other quantities be? I’m so glad it was a hit. Thanks for sharing! That would be 1/4 cup milk, about 2 T Parmesan, 1/3 of a beaten egg, a little less than 1 tablespoon butter, and 148 grams pasta. Eating it now, w changes. For my carnivorous husband, I fry up some pancetta and thrown it in as well. I sometimes like to add crispy pancetta . , Thanks Dmitry…nice that Google found me . Slowly whisk in the milk. I only had parmesan cheese milk and eggs and I did everything to a t and no one thinks it taste good. Yes. 1 tbsp Olive oil. Is there anyway to make this for one? My family loved this tonight. I’m eating this as I watch the golden leaves fall from the trees in my garden. Step 4, Slice the garlic into three sections lengthwise and then very thinly slice them. Only one way to find out . Taste and add salt and pepper to taste. I never got the ingredients and amounts. I really is comfort food…love the addition of veggies to the mix. Appreciate the comment. Great recipe. When I was a kid in the 1940’s we lived on this, sometimes we had it with pancetta but we always had garlic in ours…we had garlic in everything but ice cream and cake. She only spoke broken english, so maybe something was lost in translation with her. I follow recipe to the T! Glad you liked it. Perfect pasta dish , we add a handful of frozen peas and it was a hit for a family of 7 . A craving for comfort food combined with a bare pantry landed me on today’s recipe, one I hadn’t made in ages. This was so delicious and comforting . Serve on a plate and enjoy! Oh good. I LOVE it. As I told myself that I will be incorporating eggs in her tummy no matter what comes my way, I decided to search egg and pasta recipe..thinking i wouldnt find anything great..but then, your recipe happened!! I’m such a fan of my aunt’s recipe, I put it in my next cookbook (comes out in April . Picky kid turned professional chef? Katie. (Tip: To keep the sauce creamier, keep bout 1/3 of a cup the pasta's cooking water.) The carbonara devastated by butter! Let me know how it goes. It’s since been passed on to my cousins, and their children, to me and my children…and now you. I added a dash of garlic powder and it was really good that way too! I will be making this again! l followed the recipe and added sautéed shitake mushrooms at the end. Thanks for sharing what sounds like a lovely lunch in a lovely setting. Hi, I’m Katie, a mother of three, food writer, and registered dietitian with one goal: to bring ease to your everyday table through delicious recipes, handy tips, and nutrition insight. I’ve just googled this. My kids have always loved this pasta! And yes, you need to nourish yourself for that trip. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Glad you enjoyed it….your additions sound spot on! Those Italian grandmothers knew what they were doing with this one. I am so incredibly burned out on pandemic dinner duties that some evenings I just cannot.