Water spinach, or swamp spinach, grows abundantly in tropical regions in Southeast Asia and is used extensively in cuisine in places such as Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.This … Spinach Perpetual. Rarely running to seed in its first season the variety performs well on dry ground . (Botany Bay Spinach, Sea Spinach, Cook’s Cabbage, Kokihi (Maori), Warrigal Greens) Creeping perennial halophyte, a traditional foodstuff native to Australia and New Zealand, brought back to Kew Gardens in … New Zealand spinach grows from seed clusters that produce several seedlings, similar to beet seed. Spinach Perpetual. Soak seeds overnight in water to speed germination. : 100 Malabar Spinach Green, Organic Seeds : Garden & Outdoor ... 1350-3400 meters above sea level Fungus colza hard bark, germination is difficult, must be accelerating germination … When seedlings are 3 inches (7cm) tall, thin to … Spinach … A perfect alternative spinach crop to avoid the most common problem of bolting during summer for many varieties.