From Bluetooth streaming to vinyl and taking in FM radio on the way, the Sony STRDH190 caters for all your stereo needs. The SONY is a reminder of when home stereo was simple and fun. Is one of the few that had all of the following features that I really needed: Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2020. Remote is very functional and simple which makes it so much easier to manage. Ignore the audio snobs and trust your own ears. Thanks for choosing Sony! Pause, move to next track, no more bringing up the program and grabbing the mouse. I couldn’t be more happy with my selection and the price of this unit. I looked for a reasonably priced receiver with a phono input since they seem harder and harder to find. Sound was thin, lacked richness and bass response was terrible. An exceptional listening experience. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2018. As turntables and plastic has started returning to the stage for audiophiles who are enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound the receiver includes a phono connection. set the bass to +2, and I'm good. All rights reserved. Width 16.9 in The highly sensitive Phono Preamp is purposely located diagonally opposite the magnetic Power Transformer to keep inference to a minimum. • 4 analog (RCA) inputs (plus the Phono input) Yes, of course, you can find something "better", but unless you blow a good deal more cash for an esoteric brand, you'll also likely be paying for a ton of other stuff you may not want or need, which does little more than get in the way of what you *do* want and need, especially if music is the main thing, if not the only thing, you care about. I bought Sony SS-CS3 Tower speakers on his recommendation and have been very happy with them. The sound quality is very good with the speakers, but as I mentioned earlier it lacks "UMPH!" • Front mini jack (3.5 mm) input (to connect a phone or iPod) But, operating the tight VOLUME control leaves me with the feeling that the Sony is resisting my urge to blast loudly. I like the Bluetooth feature which allows me to listen to SiriusXM, Spotify or Amazon Music via my Apple devices. Even though the world has gone digital, sometimes it’s really nice to get back to basics. So, you switch to a station, it takes a second for it to load, THEN you press the button again and it finds the next available station. Awards 2020 winner. All in all, this modest receiver surprised me in many ways. Decided to go completely old-school, since the type of receiver I was after (two-channel-only, non-geeky control layout) is rare as hen's teeth brand-new on the market, or so I initially thought. When you factor in the low-profile design, we’re sure you’ve found the flexibility and performance you’ve been looking for! But it's still a vast improvement to what I was using a before. Don’t forget the receiver’s A=B function lets you connect two pairs of speakers. DC burns out speaker coils. So: Yes, for the price, this thing is ridiculously good. This stereo receiver does what it’s supposed to do. Didn't think I'd find one in something this low-priced. Speaker toe in with rubber isolation. Being an old audiophile, I've owned my share of both very nice and very poor stereo receivers. This is a niche receiver and fills that roll nicely. Thom Yorke’s vocal flourishes in “Nude” were intense and beautifully rendered. You can easily switch between A or B or use them all together at the same time. I could have spent $400 to have it restored, but after that I would have had a receiver that sounded great, but had no modern conveniences like a remote (modern?) Good to know you like the sound quality, inclusion of phone input for your record player as well as 4 RCA audio input and Bluetooth feature. After attempting a fix, I decided to sideline it and try another receiver. 6- Full Functional Remote Control Very powerful amp at 100W per channel which easily drives my Polk Monitor 70’s at loud volumes. Just a great, basic, quality receiver for your average folk who wants good sound but doesn't want to open a line of credit on your house due to expense. I decided that the third go-round *had* to be the charm, so I decided to buy the best I could find without going crazy price-wise. It is packed with a great set of features and specifications: A nice feature that my old receiver didn't have is Bluetooth which I easily paired with my laptop and plays my iTunes library without any breakup. Prices. Key Feature: When everything is considered, it’s a very good, actually surprising, value. Got it at an excellent price during the holiday sales at Best Buy. Sony STRDH190 has two channel stereo receivers with phono inputs, four stereo RCA audio inputs. A few notable party tricks: Sony STR-DH190 - receiver | STRDH190. But guess what? The receiver works very well with a standard set up and music sounds amazing when you use it (I connected an old turntable to it). The Sony STR-DH190 2-Channel Home Stereo Receiver delivers quality sound from vinyl and digital music BLUETOOTH connectivity. I purchased this as the centerpiece for a dedicated system for my turntable, the Audio Technica AT-LP60X, paired with two Sony SS-CS3 floor-standing tower speakers.