Pendulous clusters of attractive pink to rose colored flowers occur in spring and summer; showy reddish orange strawberry-like fruit mature in … Continue reading "Marina strawberry tree" There is a lot of confusion about the name for this tree and admittedly I made up the last one, but my wife demands that they taste like cake batter. Before purchasing a tree online, know your zone so you can learn whether or not a strawberry tree will specifically grow well in your area. The tree grows best in full sun or partial shade, and … Other members of the same family include madrone (Arbutus menziesii), common heather (Calluna vulgaris), rhododendrons and azaleas, bearberries (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi), and Vaccinium shrubs and subshrubs (Vaccinium spp.) To avoid the confusion, the genus is Mutingia and calabura is the sole species(the plant on this page) of the genus. Strawberries provide a range of potential benefits and can support the body’s defences against a variety of diseases. The strawberry tree belongs to the Ericaceae family. The Marina strawberry tree easily grows into a handsome evergreen tree, capable of reaching 24-40 ft. tall and 20-25 ft. wide. The fruit drop tends to be messy near drives or walkways. like blueberries. There are more than 600 varieties of strawberry. (You can find your zone on the interactive USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map.) long leaves, with lightly toothed margins. It has rich dark green 3-4 in. The flowers and fruit are also attractive highlights during the year. Cotton Candy Tree, Strawberry Tree, Panama Berry tree, Cake batter tree??? Once established, it is a very durable tree. Strawberry Tree is an attractive small evergreen shade tree, with its shiny dark green color and attractive bark and multi-trunk branching habit.