A large and enough set for using at Chinese Gong Fu tea ceremony. It comes without a warmer, cups, saucers or other common teapot set … Our miniature tea sets are favorite collectibles. This incredible teapot set will increase your appetite for tea by making delicious rich teas with different flavors. If, instead of a prepackaged tea gift set this Christmas, you want to make up your own perfect tea sampler, start with 100 of these foil-wrapped tea treats from Bigelow. COMPLETE SET! Take a set to the office or school for … With so many flavors … Any pot can be a tea kettle, but an electric tea kettle that boils water fast and pours accurately will encourage you to make more tea every day. It consists of a green ceramic teapot with a grey lid made from the same material and a fine stainless steel tea strainer. Features - Color: As shown - Material: Bamboo - Size: 21 x 2 x 1 cm - Chinese Kung Fu tea set, teaspoon, tea neddle, tea leak, tea clip, tea spoon, tea … It's well worth the $50 or so it'll set you … We have everyday tea sets, and special occasion tea service collections. Choose your tea set in stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, stoneware or fine bone china. Consult our friendly, expert staff with questions about tea … 6 Tapioca Packets, 6 Milk Tea Powder, 6 Straws; INDIVIDUAL PACKS: Forget large batches, & washing pots & pans to make bubble tea.