No matter how good an enemy is, you can always manage to land at least one lucky kick. When you cause enough chaos, the invading faction, whether its Sparta or Athens, will start a battle. The kids at school are going to be so jealous when you get back. Falling several hundred feet to his death: 20,000 damage. Some people, frankly, are terrible photographers and their weirdly saturated photo of the back of someone's head isn't really worth your time. Though I wouldn't recommend leaving the game unattended while on foot, having the horse drive or setting sail to an island a few thousand meters away gives you a break just long enough to go get a cup of coffee. It would be too easy if you could just commit some crime and then kill the bounty hunter who comes for you, so it doesn't work that way—Mercs who come after you for a bounty are typically ranked below you. Make it a strong one and point it toward a cliff. If he cared about the game then he would know what the spartan flag looks like. So: do some crimes, kill the bounty hunters, and figure who sits on top of you on the ladder. 15. Oct 9, 2018 @ 9:19am Dont you know what the Spartan flag looks like? That said, you find clues to identify mercs randomly through the loot system, and I had the most consistent success with finding clues when I was killing lower-ranked mercenaries who came to collect my head. When it does, a ship can't move or attack until the fire's out, so it's a very effective weapon on the high seas. (triangular shape seen on their sails). However, there are only, like, two Polemarchs in Attika. Everything burns. Odyssey has a huge system of engravings that add buffs and bonuses to gear: +10% warrior damage, +5% damage to Spartans, and so on. Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. Still, when icons appear on a rotating compass in a game, I tend to get tunnel vision and spend more time eyeballing the compass than the beautiful handcrafted world around me. Prev FAQ How to use a torch? Again, look for bonuses to your ship's fire buildup stat if you want to be a pirate pyromaniac. Go to My Documents > Assassin's Creed Odyssey > Photos to find them. Gear isn't purely cosmetic, though. Maybe i have to progress with the Story first then? The big open world is open enough that I accidentally wandered into a few situations before the game had explained how to handle them. You can also tinker with photography-nerd details like saturation, exposure, and add noise filters. That said, the world of ancient Greece is big—really big. Black Friday deals: see all the best offers right now! If you don't want to see other people's photos, you can now turn them off in your map. To trigger a battle, you have to upset the balance of power by taking out the region's national leader. To accept the quest to find and defeat the ship, either head over to the notice board on your ship, or to one on land. All I needed was a little bit of an excuse to keep my brain plugged into the physical world to get really lost in it. Every mode of transportation has some sort of auto-run feature that really comes in handy. PC Gamer is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The higher your fire buildup stat is, the faster you'll set your targets on fire. With a few exceptions, every wolf, bandit, and archer I kill is at my level, plus or minus one or two. NY 10036. Nearby land masses might make positioning difficult. A guide to the key differences between Assassin's Creed Odyssey and previous games in the series. Others might be so struck by the beauty of [spoiler redacted] that they snap some shots in photo mode, thereby ruining your surprise of [spoiler redacted]. This mystery isn't exactly the Murder on the Orient Express, is what I'm saying. It is not before you complete the main story in the region of Megaris, and therefore make the region controlled … 0. Thank you for signing up to PC Gamer. Any time someone commits a crime (and let's be honest here, that "someone" is usually you), a cash bounty can be put on your head and a mercenary dispatched to collect it. Doing this looks a lot like killing a warlord in Shadow of Mordor: the leader is heavily guarded and very wealthy, and a toe-to-toe fight is going to be impossible. To help you avoid the same issue, here's eight general Assassin's Creed Odyssey tips that I wish I'd known from the beginning of my Odyssey. They'll usually have some sort of command bonus applicable to your ship, and more importantly, they're likely to be real bastards in a fight. You can find Spartan Polemarchs and their seals all across the map in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. There was a problem. To be honest, unraveling these clues isn't hard. Send Ikaros up and look through his eyes to mark enemies, spot treasure chests, alarm fires, trapped animals, prisoners, etc. Recruiting for your crew is a traditional process—and by "traditional" I mean that you knock people out and kidnap them, forcing them to work for you. Pay a blacksmith and boom, your favorite sword is now a level 15 sword. Instead, you have to soften him up by killing his lieutenants, stealing his money, and burning his army's supplies. Basically, you can take a picture anytime, anywhere: just hit F3 and the action will freeze. Hit F3 from the map screen to toggle through seeing no photos, all photos, only your photos, or only your friends' photos.