The Torah commands: Love God “with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might,” “love the stranger” and “love your neighbor as yourself.”. By dedicating ourselves to G‑d by doing mitzvahs, good deeds, in a way that transcends our own desires, we will culminate both humanity's and our personal relationship with G‑d. Properly interpreted and understood, the Torah is not “a burden too heavy to bear,” nor does seeking to follow it out of faith annul faith.Indeed, by continually convicting us of falling short, the Torah forbids anyone from boasting about their works, but forces everyone, Jew and Gentile alike, to continually throw themselves on ADONAI’s grace as we repent day-by-day. For me, there is a deep problem with the question and only because LOVE is unconditional kindness (Winston Churchill)Life is, a door/ life is adore. This is a graver sin than any other mentioned in the Torah. Reply, may Moshiach come now and may we be immeadietly reunited with our Rebbe! A. does dedication feel like something? Incredible. Dedication fuels love, not desire. But my question is, “If Jews in Israel can’t love one another, why should G-d permit us to stay there?” The Talmudic sages Hillel and Rabbi Akivaindicated that this is the central commandment of the Torah. have flown in from Israel etc. We also tend to believe love is proportionate to desire. But walk into most shuls today and the first four words you will hear are not “Welcome to our shul,” but “You’re in my seat.” WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE? What if someone said to you, "I love you, but I don't like your children?" In Jewish thought, what one learns, one must apply and take into action, fully understanding the teachings. asked to receive God’s love in the form of … It's fascinating, if nothing else. And his commands are not burdensome, 4 for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This love story unfolds in the opposite manner than the way we are accustomed to. ", The Torah commands us to "Love your fellow as yourself." The Torah commands us to "Love your fellow as yourself." If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you comply with's. On PBS (Palestinian Broadcasting) Scott Simon asked a self-hating Jew, “Is there a need for Israel anymore?” He later apologized for that unmanageable question. True love means that you love what your loved one loves And one who truly loves a fellow Jew will inevitably come to love G‑d, since love of one's fellow is, in essence, the love of G‑d; and he will be driven to bring his fellow Jews close to Torah, which is the expression and actualization of their bond with G‑d. The three loves — love of G‑d, love of Torah and love of one's fellow — are one. Jewish law includes within it a blueprint for a just and ethical society, where no one takes from another or harms another or takes advantage of another, but everyone gives to one another and helps one another and … In reply to love or loose, I have just returned from Columbia, Maryland. You don't have to surrender your identity to love someone. To know each other's families first? We Jews are like little children in the same family who can’t get along. Rabbi Akiva (Rashi on Lev. It also explains how they are to worship God and conduct their lives as witnesses of Him. But I have a thirst to understand so much more. Rebbe's comment that we are all sons of Abraham and essentially, there are no "'outsiders" was of great comfort to me.I study this beautiful man's teachings and read as much as possible about his comments on every aspect of life.I am not of the Jewish faith......'am a Gentile who is learning how to be a better person in this world, all from the Rebbe!I bless the day I found, quite accidentally on the internet. Why the rush? 19:18) The real opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. Just gazing at the holy Rebbe's face warms my heart and inspires love. When you're dedicated to someone, your concerns are secondary while theirs are first. Usually in love stories, the man and woman fall desperately in love with each other and then get married and live happily ever after. Reply, love and marriage Reply, When you are raised on fairytales and romantic comedies you develop an idea of love that's in line with that. My husband is entirely different than when we were dating and should I love his hobbies - that he loves - when they are more important than I am? It is also quite apparent that many times the way romance and love are represented in the mainstream are at best superficial and at worst sociologically detrimental. Reply, Rebbe's comments on Love Many times within Jewish thought when discussing the relationship between G‑d and the nation of Israel, the analogy of husband and wife is employed. The explanation is that the pit may have been empty of water, but it was full of snakes and scorpions. Love is something independent of our personal satisfaction, born from dedication to one another. The destruction of European Jewry was a fresh memory to those present that winter evening in 1951 when the Rebbe assumed the mantle of leadership. What is wrong with waiting to get to know your future spouse, giving it time before making such fast and not too well thought out announcements?Sure it's wonderful to find the right person, but how do you do that when you do not allow the man and woman to know each other first? I am so grateful to Hashem that we have him. Qualities as define by who? Love, dedication, desire. Reply, love has different colors like a rainbow Have good day. In this week's portion, we read about the marriage of Isaac and Rebecca. Very well said,love is a decision !Of dedication This commandment stands at the center of the central book in the Torah. Drs. I'm not that excited about those who disavow their bond with You." Rabbi Schneur Zalman replied: The two are one and the same. Once I met someone who said they would rather go to a synagogue than a church because the Jews don't teach anything about loving our enemies, and there isn't anything about it in the Torah. That evening, after delivering the maamar (discourse of Chassidic teaching) which in the Chabad tradition marks a Rebbe's formal acceptance of his role, the Rebbe smiled and said: The Talmud says that "When you come to a city, do as its custom." It's real, whatever you want to call it. Reply, dedication And if you see a person who has only a love for his fellow, you must strive to bring him to a love of Torah and a love of G‑d — that his love toward his fellows should not only be expressed in providing bread for the hungry and water for the thirsty, but also to bring them close to Torah and to G‑d.