A "Healthcare Consumer" is defined as a patient, client or population. Conceptual Framework. These theories provide the foundation of nursing practice, specifically nursing assessment, intervention, and evaluation. This conceptual model supports the caring theory and its application to nursing practice based on scientific evidence and research supporting the philosophy of holism and efficacy of the theory. Conceptual models of Levine, Rogers, Roy, King, and Orem are under this group. Therefore, we […] These theories address the nursing metaparadigm and explain the relationship between them. According to Wainright (n.d., p. 1), when used in nursing there are six crucial elements of Watson’s theory. The decision to implement nursing conceptual model–based or nursing theory–based nursing practice typically is undertaken in response to the quest for a way to articulate the scope and substance of professional nursing practice to the public and to other health care professionals and to improve the conditions and outcomes of nursing practice. Unlike other models, every nurse has the ability to use this model to promote patients toward a state of optimal wellness. Nursing theory is the backbone of clinical care. Six concepts are integrated into nursing curriculum. A conceptual model is a representation of a system that uses concepts and ideas to form said representation.Conceptual modeling is used across many fields, ranging from the sciences to socioeconomics to software development.. Are comprehensive nursing theories that are regarded by some as pioneers in nursing. The Roy Adaptation model is perfect for marrying nursing theory and the concept of humanism. The nursing profession has impressively evolved over time, and along with this transition came the development of different nursing theories. Focusing on the whole person directs decisions of care that ultimately result in healing. Grand Nursing Theories. Nursing Conceptual Model & Framework. The advanced practice nurse paradigm of care encompasses not only a caring and therapeutic approach, but a … This theory is also unique because it can be equally applied to any person or group. Caring When using a conceptual model to represent abstract ideas, it’s important to distinguish between a model of a concept versus a model that is conceptual. They also offer a framework for generating knowledge and new ideas. These concepts are essential to the art and science of nursing to guide practice through the perspectives of self, healthcare consumer, and profession. Nursing Conceptual Models.