role of railway transport in tourism: selected problems and examples in slovakia 119 Railway infrastructure is the only prerequi- site for the development of railway transport Conclusively, tourism and transportation are two inseparable twin as one helps the other which means the role transport plays in tourism can not be under emphasized. 2.1. Air transport is the quickest, most modern, safe and latest addition to the modes of transport. India is very far from its main tourist market i.e. The water transport may take several months. In addition to the transport of tourists to and within a destination, transport itself can be a tourist attraction. Significance of Road Transport in Tourism – Explained! Transport is a very important part of activities in the tourism sector. This study is meant to inform, educate, sensitize and enlighten the general public, government and road transport company owners on the impact of transportation in the tourism industry. Role of Air Transport in Tourism. Up to the beginning of the twentieth century, tourists travelled almost exclusively by rail and steamship. Transportation and travel cannot be discussed without taking tourism into Consideration, but tourism cannot thrive without travel. west Europe and USA. So in tourism industry we find different modes of transports which consist of air, rail, road and water. Transport and Tourism: Global Perspectives by Steven Page is my favourite book in this area as it is the leading, authoritative text providing a much-needed synthesis of the key, contemporary issues occurring at the intersection of transport and tourism. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY . The invention of the new transport medium, travel by a private car and coach received its first impetus in the ten years which preceded World War I. Article shared by. 1.2 Objective of the Study The study is going to analyze the roles of transportation in tourism industry and the various modes available. Tourism industry needs transports in other to take tourists from one place to another because the aim of the tourist is to reach the destination. Transportation in tourism 1. Transportation is the main mean to carry passengers, that is, the tourists to the actual site where tourism services are performed. The role of the transport system in the tourism destination development. H1: There is significant relationship between transportation and tourism development in Nigeria. Air transport is very important for India for tourism purpose. Role of transport in Tourism and the state of transport in Zimbabwe and How it should be Definition of Transport * Refers to the ease of movement of passengers, freight or information. Abstract. Understand the role of transportation in the tourism industry; Recognize milestones in the development of the air industry and explain how profitability is measured in this sector; Report on the historic importance of rail travel and challenges to rail operations today The role of transport infrastructure 2 in destination development.