Maybe it’s time to take the digital plunge…. 03 numbers are included in all bundle rates for mobile phones and landlines. Comodissima è anche la connessione USB che permette una facile e veloce connessione di stick USB portatili. If the monstrous size of OLED screens put you off in the past, the Sony KD-48A9 is here to rescue you. Yamaha has added yet another powerhouse to its increasingly impressive and ever growing MusicCast line up. Featuring Hi-Res Audio support and Yamaha’s faultless MusicCast technology (see below for our MusicCast video). Please note: 03 numbers are NOT premium rate numbers This easily allows the receiver to pretend to the central place in modern musical system. We are entitled to update the price on the website from time to time to take account of any increase in our supplier’s prices, or the imposition of any new taxes or duties, or if due to an error or omission on the price published for the goods on our website is wrong. Yamaha R-N402 skillfully underlines the advantages of music material of high resolution that is rarely met in this class of equipment. The RN402 is a second generation Hi-Fi receiver with support for MusicCast. Such integration gives the possibility to organize a single record library with the centralized or allocated storage of audio files and centralized control with a help of the proprietary MusicCast CONTROLLER app, installed on your smartphone or tablet under iOS or Android. The younger model of the receiver is also devoid of built-in equalizer for MM typed cartridges. But the RN402D is not just a Hi-Fi… it’s so much more. The RN402D is a fantastic new member to Yamaha’s already impressive network-enabled family, with plenty of next-gen technology, whilst still remaining easy to use and intuitive. Puoi utilizzarlo per riprodurre files musicali salvati nel tuo PC o NAS di rete. Il produttore giapponese sta puntando davvero tanto sul multi-room con una tecnologia che ribattezza MusicCast. The R-N803D covers all connectivity bases, from ancient to modern. For wireless work with mobile gadgets you can use not only Wi-Fi, but Bluetooth that significantly expands the list of compatible devices and omits the requirement to have Wi-Fi coverage in the place of the receiver's installation. If you are a little unsure about wireless music technology then why not pop-in to any one of our stores and ask for a demonstration today. If you are a little unsure about wireless music technology then why not pop-in to any one of our stores and ask for a demonstration today. Dalla musica liquida ai servizi di streaming, dal DSD al multi-room… Non manca nulla, rispettando il portafogli. It’s more than happy driving a pair of floorstanding speakers you may have gathering dust in the corner of your room. Some kind of simplification of musical images and smoothing of accents in most tense moments of music compositions can be noted only in comparison with the components of much higher class. The distinctive feature of both the older model of the receiver and Yamaha R-N402 is the presence of built-in DAC. Up until recently trying to delve in to the world of wireless multi-room audio could be daunting. Power supply is provided by large and heavy Bando power transformer. The facia has Yamaha’s signature aluminium facia, with large, tactile knobs and dials and a nice large bright LED screen. Next is Apple AirPlay, allowing anyone with an iOS device or iTunes to play music wirelessly through a network. YAMAHA R-N402D Network Stereo Receiver Review: Quality – 82% In our latest checking we found that YAMAHA R-N402D Network Stereo Receiver scored an incredible 8.2. There are one optical and one coaxial digital inputs with the resolution of 24 bit/192 kHz. “I’m a technophobe” is a phrase we often hear at Richer Sounds, (but don’t worry, we’re here to help!). Qualità audio eccellente grazie all’esperienza, alla tradizione e alla tecnologia Yamaha Wireless music need not be scary. We do connect traditional speakers to the CRX-N470D, however ­– a pair of Q Acoustics 3020s –and begin playing a … (some of these web prices are cheaper than in-store, so please mention that you've seen these offers online). Again, around the rear there are no surprises; the unit features two speaker outs, plenty of analogue ins and a digital out – so you can connect the unit straight to your television to really give it that extra oomph. 03 numbers connect you directly to the store or department you call, and are charged at the same rate as you are charged for numbers starting in 01 and 02. At first glance they look like twins, but upon the closer view you will find differences. Seldom have we encountered a network streamer/amplifier with such lavish functionality – especially at this relatively affordable price. Yamaha have included all the features people want into a very familiar package. If you find yourself stockpiling Yamaha MusicCast products then you can play any song you like throughout the home or play different songs in different rooms. Output cascades of the receiver are made on pairs of A1695/C4468 transistors by Sanken. The RN402D is a fantastic new member to Yamaha’s already impressive network-enabled family, with plenty of next-gen technology, whilst still remaining easy to use and intuitive. But even if you prefer to keep switches and buttons to a minimum, this Yamaha will lure you in with its extensive specification. We’d love to hear what you have to say – if you have an idea for an article or review, email us at In fact, the hefty and expansive Yamaha glories in its retro clunkiness. To check stock, or to get advice about a product please contact your local store. USB port is located on the left side of facade for quick connection of external drives, also there are the switch of speaker systems and headphones output. It’s bulky, retro and clunky. The price for the goods will be as stipulated on the website at the time when you place your order, but this will need to be validated by us prior to processing your order. Essentially Yamaha’s multi-room platform; MusicCast enables you to stream music through any number of compatible Yamaha receivers, separates, soundbars and speakers. On the back panel of Yamaha R-N402 there are two pairs of spring acoustic terminals - like in the older model the manufacturer did not skimp on this important element of the system. For example, it is quite easy to organize the translation of vinyl turntable, being played in a living room, on active speaker systems, installed in a bedroom or cabinet. Don’t forget to sign up to our VIP club to be notified about our best deals first.