Learn more here: http://www.piano-keyboard-guide.com/c-major-scale.html Pitches in the key of C major. Relative minor keys are displayed in parentheses. The C major scale on the treble clef. This trick is useful when applying the Mixolydian mode to different keys, because no matter what key you are in it remains true. Key signatures This is a list of all possible key signatures in traditional Western music, as well as the corresponding keys for each of the seven modes. Relative minor keys are displayed in parentheses. If you use the notes of a C major scale over a G chord, it becomes G Mixolydian. Select a Key Signature below. Keys and scales used in traditional Irish music, the notes they use and the intervals including Ionian major aeolian minor mixolydian mix dorian dor phrygian phr lydian lyd and locrian lor scales. If you play in F major over a C chord, it becomes C Mixolydian. So semantically there is no "key of E Mixolydian" nor "key of C Ionian" for that matter you should refer to them as modes instead. However, the concept of a key in general especially with a more modern eye and less emphasis on traditional functional harmony opens up a lot of possibilities. Oh yeah, E, so B mixolydian is in the key signature of E major, which means four sharps". Although the major scale has multiple modes, musicians generally think of and notate music as being in only the relative major and relative minor, even when another mode is being used. It aims to be as complete as possible— nonstandard keys with double flats and double sharps are included. Here’s where things get tricky. --Jwshea 13:55, 11 May 2016 (UTC) This actually suggests the opposite, namely that there are some V7/IV chords, but mostly in B-flat major. According to the sheet music it's definitely Bb Mixolydian; Bb key signature, with Ab accidentals. Key of C (Am) Key of G (Em) Key of D (Bm) Key of A (F#m) Key of E (C#m) Key of B (G#m) Key of F (Dm) Key of Bb (Gm) Key of Eb (Cm) Key of Ab (Fm) Key of Db (Bbm) Key … In Ex. To sum up, if you're writing in a mode of a major scale, it has the same key signature of that major scale. How to look past the key signature to figure out a song’s mode. Otherwise it would make better sense to use a three-flat signature. In order to familiarize what the Mixolydian mode sounds like and learn some licks, check out these examples.