If you need a little exposure, or if you’d like to establish your credibility, LA COULISSE Magazine can help.


« Ipsum sine timore, consector! » Sir Richard Branson.  


Michel A. Di Iorio proposes a sneak peek into the world of the self-employed entrepreneur in the Province of Quebec, as well as the darker side of self-employment in contemporary Quebec via « LA COULISSE » (, a virtual porthole on self-employment…

« LA COULISSE » unveils the daily grind of the elusive entrepreneur; the one without a storefront. Though lacking an established reputation, he nonetheless plies his trade from home, or perhaps his grandmother’s garage, an empty guest room or maybe even the corner of a kitchen table!

« LA COULISSE » introduces the true visionaries of the Quebec economy; the pioneers of shoestring marketing who sail the waves of the Quebec economy in search of whatever turns us off. These purveyors of solutions sometimes offer attractive alternatives to the standard fare of brick and mortar establishments!

« LA COULISSE » offers a weekly update on the world of Quebec’s self-employed workforce. Follow us behind the scenes as we search out Quebec unsung innovators of the new millennium, and you’ll discover a wealth of links and tools to help you start your own business!

Please note that both the magazine and the video below are in French only.

Michel A. Di Iorio,
fondateur de LA COULISSE

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