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MICHEL A. DI IORIO, Professional Wordsmith (Copywriter/Translator) and the Managing Editor of The Write Words and LA COULISSE Magazine.

Have you ever felt the dreaded urge to:

  • Postpone the delivery of delicate correspondence to a loved one?
  • Delay the filing of a major report because the right words were out to lunch?
  • Rethink the core of an important commercial document for lack of the right words to convey your message?

If this sounds familiar, then The Write Words were meant for you, and I can probably help you. How can I do this?

  • “30 + years of experience in political, commercial and private arenas have honed his oral and written communication skills, making him a highly respected communicator, whose opinions and advice are widely sought and highly valued…”
  • “An esteemed career spanning 30 + years of communication-related duties in both English and French, including 17 years in emergency services (all branches combined), have provided him with a seat on the boards of a dozen business clubs and associations, chambers of commerce and their project commitees, etc.”
  • “His combined writing and translation skills continue to command the admiration of his peers and the respect of career adversaries.”
  • “An acknowledged visionary, Michel adapted to the changing marketplace with a comprehensive communication services package, a personalized approach and absolute respect of client deadlines.”
  • “At the dawn of contemporary Web-related technologies, he added Web Hosting to his communication services package in order to better service an evolving marketplace in the search of new and easily accessible turnkey solutions.”
  • “Born in Quebec, he is well versed in her political and linguistic eccentricities.”

Try us! You’ll be glad that you did!


  • French and English language pair copywriting, translation and revision
  • Magazine advertising and publisher of LA COULISSE MAGAZINE (
  • Website configuration, hosting and management, including domain names, email accounts, fully managed websites and starter packages for start-ups.

Text is essentially a set of well chosen words placed in a given order to deliver a specific message; whether from one individual to another, or between individuals and organizations like private, commercial or government administrations. Though its intended message or target may vary, its mission is generally to inform, describe, explain or convince. Its effectiveness will obviously depend on the words chosen… and that’s where I come in.

If your text has already been written, I can analyse your submitted text or document to identify grammatical, stylistic and/or syntactic problems (proofreading and text revision). Text revision involves a thorough reading and analysis. Whether your document requires simple correction of punctuation and grammar, or a complete rewrite, I can handle it.

Contact Information :

Need help with a writing or translation project? You can message me the details by clicking HERE, or if you prefer to talk to me directly (normal business hours), I’m usually available at 514.994.0967

See you on the inside…