MICHEL A. DI IORIO, Professional Wordsmith (Copywriter/Translator) and the Managing Editor of The Write Words and LA COULISSE Magazine.
  • The Write Words and Michel A. Di Iorio provide a comprehensive range of linguistic services, including copywriting, translation and text revision in both English and French.
  • Our digital magazine, LA COULISSE, provides an accessible online venue and forum for self-employed professionals and future entrepreneurs. Not only does it provide targeted advertising, featuring the use of ads, written infomercials and video, it provides entertaining and informative articles on all aspects of self-employment, including anecdotes, useful tips and tricks, do’s and dont’s, links to hundreds of financial, government and online tools and resources to help you.
  • Thirdly, we offer a full range of managed Web services, ranging from simple domain name registration to fully managed WordPress websites. We even offer a special package to clients of LA COULISSE MAGAZINE, our sister publication. Our pricing is competitive, our service is human-powered and unbeatable.
  • As you pass over the SERVICES menu item with your mouse, you’ll see a drop down menu which will provide you with additional information. Just click on the appropriate link for additional details, or contact us directly at 514.994.0967 during regular office hours (EST). Otherwise, please use the form on our contact page by clicking HERE. It will immediately be emailed to my attention when you click the SEND button, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.See you on the inside…