Web Services

Depending on your specific need, you can choose to do everything yourself (cheap), or I can set everything up for you (still affordable), leaving you free to take care of business.

My key in hand (done for you) service was tailored for the self-employed who haven’t the time to set up and test their business Website, so what’s your pleasure? If you’re a do it yourselfer, call me and I’ll explain how to proceed.

If you’d rather I set things up for you, no worries… it’ll all be done for you! This is what I call my worry free service. Call me at the number below, and we’ll figure out what you need, without the technical mumbo jumbo.


Remember, the easiest way to do this is to call me (514.994.0967).

If you prefer to proceed the technical way, note the plan that applies to your particular situation, and click on the ORDER BUTTON HERE. The procedure is easy to master. You’ll be brought to a contact page where you can call me, or send me a message containing the preliminary details, and I’ll get back to you ASAP with a suitable proposal. That’s it. No mumbo jumbo, and no canned answers.

If you’re more technically oriented, and would like to know a little more about the technical suff, click here. Otherwise, I’m just a phone call away.


In all cases (except domain name reservation, Web hosting and associated services, which are payable in full with order), a minimum 50 % non-refundable deposit is required with your order (plus applicable sales taxes). The balance owing will be determined and your payment schedule established. Your final remittance for the balance owing must be received before final delivery of your document(s) or your Website access codes can be made.

Once payment has been received in full at our offices and confirmed by the payment gateway used, intellectual property rights will be reputed as having been duly transferred to the client. Ownership of a domain name is never permanent, since it cannot be purchased, only rented for a stated period of time. Ownership of a website model, even if a non-exclusive licence is purchased by the client, always remains with the template author, unless an exclusive user licence is purchased under a separate contract at the exclusive user price.

Orders can be paid through PAYPAL, certified cheque or money order, cash or major credit card through SQUARE. Certain cases may justify payment with a company cheque or an international bank transfer. Our accounting people will determine if and when this is advisable. Cheque payments require authorization and are subject to a ten day clearance period.

If you have any questions, call me at (514) 994-0967, or write us HERE for clarification.

See you on the inside…